Co-Ed K-Pop Group K.A.R.D Reveals A Second Single with ‘Don’t Recall’

Rookie K-pop act K.A.R.D continues to impress with the release of their latest single, “Don’t Recall.”

The second of three project singles, the co-ed K-pop act released “Don’t Recall” on Wednesday (Feb. 15). The tropical house track is the follow up to last year’s “Oh NaNa,” which landed K.A.R.D the distinction of being one of Korea’smost intriguing new pop acts.

“Don’t Recall” solidifies K.AR.D’s synth-pop and hip hop hybrid styling. With lush synths and rhythmic beats, “Don’t Recall” is a mellow dance song, fitting with the angsty post-breakup lyrics. But while “Oh Nana” benefited from the catchy hook, the post-chorus’ whirring instrumental drop becomes the driving force of “Don’t Recall.”

The brightly-colored music video features the members in the lap of luxury, playing chess and flipping cards, while appearing desolate about their ended relationship. The highlight of the video is the sharp, provocative choreography — including shirt-lifting motions — that are almost too sexy by K-pop standards. (But just almost.)

Since their first single, K.A.R.D has gained a staunch international following thanks to their unique co-ed concept with two female singers and a pair of male rappers. The group is produced by DSP Media, the company that created popular Korean idol acts like Fin.K.L, Sechs Kies, SS501 and Kara. Along with K.A.R.D, the label currently also houses the boy band A-Jax and the girl group April.

“Don’t Recall” is the second in a trilogy of singles, each of which will featured a “hidden card.” The first song, “Oh NaNa,” featured Kara’s Heo Youngji as a third female vocalist, while DSP has yet to unveil the alternate version of “Don’t Recall” featuring the secretive addition.